Advising Services—About Us

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The College Center for Advising Services is available to assist undergraduate students in the College with their academic needs. Whether you talk to a member of the support staff or a professional adviser, you will meet an individual committed to helping you find access to accurate information, solutions to your academic problems, or opportunities that may highlight your undergraduate years.

In addition to providing you with up-to-the-minute academic information, the staff prides itself on making accurate referrals when the question or problem requires the expertise of faculty members or other campus professionals or services.

Academic advisers see students on both a walk-in basis and for scheduled appointments. Common reasons for appointments include planning a program for the next semester or the next few years; rearranging a schedule (e.g., dropping or adding courses, overloading or underloading); consulting with a Health Professions adviser; discussing degree requirements; and learning about resources such as tutoring.

CCAS can answer questions about...
Add/Drop Forms Petitions for exceptions to rules
Advanced Placement Phi Beta Kappa
Clusters Praise forms
Comment forms Prizes in the College
Complaint forms Probation
Graduate-level course approval Program Planning
Health professions advising Quest courses
Inactive Status Reclassification
Incomplete grades Repeat courses
Independent study Rochester Curriculum
Intercollegiate registration Science sequence regulations
International Baccalaureate Special approvals: Overloads, Underloads
Internships S/F Option
KEY Program Take Five Scholars
Letters of recommendation Transfer credit
Major/Minor/Cluster Declaration Tutoring
Orientation Withdrawal from the College
Part-time status