Undergraduates can choose to complete a minor in addition to a major. Students in the College can declare one or more minors in conjunction with either a single or double major. You can find a complete list of minors on the academics page.

Students should read the department’s offerings online to get a rough idea of the courses needed to complete a minor. Students should then make an appointment with the departmental minor advisor to complete plans and gain acceptance.

Students cannot elect the satisfactory/fail option for courses submitted for the minor, and must earn at least a 2.0 average for these courses. Courses used for the minor must follow the overlap policy. The names of departmental minor advisors and the Approval Form for Majors and Minors can be found at the College Center for Advising Services counter.

The student files the approved program with the College Center for Advising Services (or Hajim School’s dean’s office). Students submit the Overlap Declaration Form for Majors and Minors along with the approved Approval Form for Majors and Minors.

A student cannot normally receive a minor in the department in which they receive a major. This rule has been waived for the following departments: English, Art and Art History, and Modern Languages and Cultures. In addition, students may complete a major in Biology and a minor in Computational Biology (with the exception of the Computational Biology majors). Students cannot declare a minor until they have been accepted into a major. It is expected that students will declare the minor by the end of the first semester of the senior year.

To determine the academic division in which a minor falls, for the purpose of fulfilling the Rochester Curriculum, see the table that follows.

Our Minors

Use our academic search tool to view a list of minors either alphabetically or by division.