Upper-Level Writing Requirement

Each major incorporates significant experience in student writing into its curriculum and/or requirements. The College Curriculum Committee reviews and authorizes proposals submitted by each major. Departments are expected to incorporate writing courses into each of their majors.

“Significant experience in writing” typically occurs in at least two courses, but majors can choose to design other plans to encourage advanced competence in writing. Such plans include frequent student writing, feedback on the effectiveness of the writing, and guidance in revision and rewriting.

Upper-level writing programs in the majors should build on students’ initial exposure to the principles of written argument in the primary writing courses. Students should also gain experience in using a range of writing styles and techniques in their major discipline.

Students who have more than one major are expect to fulfill this requirement in each major. Only one upper-level writing course is permitted to overlap between two majors. Each major must have at least one upper-level writing course unique to that major. For more information, see the department’s or the program’s undergraduate coordinator.