Academic Opportunities

3-2 programs: Information about combined bachelor’s and master’s programs.

Certificate and citation programs: Defines what certificate and citation programs are, and lists available certificate and citation programs.

Fellowships and scholarships: Lists fellowships and gives advice for applying to them.

Independent study: Information about independent study courses, including how to request one, credit limitations, and course numbers and titles.

Interdepartmental programs: Information about planning, writing, and the approval process for interdepartmental programs.

Internships: Information about internship criteria, course requirements, and grading, as well as a list of departmental internships.

e5 (formerly known as KEY) Program:The e5 (KEY) Program supports student entrepreneurs and the website has information about the program itself, applying to the program, and related courses.

Grand Challenges Scholars Program: Scholars design a personalized program that explores a selected challenge through five program areas, including hands-on projects, interdisciplinary experiences, entrepreneurial or innovation endeavors, global dimensions, and service learning.

Lessons at Eastman: Take private instrumental or vocal lessons at Eastman for academic credit (a basic audition to determine placement is required after you enroll).

Meliora Seminars: Small, selective courses that allow students and faculty to study different humanities topics.

Mentor Collective: International online mentoring community.

Senior Scholars: Information about the Senior Scholars Research Program, in which students devote an entire year to a single academic project.

Study abroad: Details important factors surrounding study abroad including study abroad status, transfer credit, financial aid, and application deadlines.

Take Five Scholars: The Take Five Scholars Program allows students to take an additional semester or year tuition-free to explore academic interests outside of their major. In addition to general information about the program, this page provides information about the program deadlines and application.

Undergraduate research: Includes information about research grants, awards, conferences, student organizations, and more.

US Life Course: Course designed to help international students adjust socially and academically.

Combined Degree Programs

Dual Degree at Eastman (DDE): Combine your interest in music with a specific academic discipline offered at the College.

Dual Degree in Nursing (DDN): A ten semester program which allows students to complete an undergraduate BA or BS degree and a BS in nursing at the School of Nursing.

Health and Epidemiology Advanced Learning (HEAL): Selected undergraduates receive conditional admission to the MS program in Epidemiology offered through the School of Medicine and Dentistry.

Graduate Engineering at Rochester (GEAR): A select number of first-year applicants are given an assurance of admission into one of seven engineering and computer science master’s degree programs at the University of Rochester.

Guaranteed Rochester Accelerated Degree in Education (GRADE): A five-year BA/BS + MS education program assures students admitted to the University of Rochester who are interested in becoming educators admission to the Margaret Warner Graduate School of Education and Human Development.

Rochester Early Medical Scholars (REMS): Selected Rochester first-year students receive a conditional acceptance to the University of Rochester’s School of Medicine and Dentistry when they finish the bachelor’s degree. The program frees these students to develop their intellects broadly before they launch into their medical studies.