Audit Courses

Full-time undergraduate students in the College can audit a course and receive no academic credit with no extra tuition charged during the academic year. Audited courses are recorded on the student’s transcript.

In all cases, students need verbal permission from the instructor to audit the course. Instructors may decline to give their permission. Students auditing a course are also expected to follow any requirements that the instructor may have regarding class attendance and participation.

The following policies apply to audits: Students cannot change from credit to audit after the fourth week of the semester.*

If students audit a course, and then take the course a second time for credit, the repeat notation will appear on the official student transcript.

If students withdraw from a course they are auditing after the fourth week of the semester, the "W" notation will appear on the transcript.

*Some courses require registration as early as the second week in the semester. See the adding a course page for more information.