Comment and Complaint Forms

Undergraduate students in Arts, Sciences and Engineering who wish to raise an academic concern or believe they have received unfair treatment in an academic matter, are encouraged to submit the online complaint or comment form. Students who wish to submit a complaint about a grade in a course should review the information regarding the grade appeal procedure.

If a student wishes to report a nonacademic concern or matter, and it is unclear how to report this information, they can submit a complaint or comment form and the Deans’ Office will be sure that it reaches the proper person or office. Not all issues should be submitted through the comment and complaint form, see specialized forms section for more information.

Submitting the Complaint or Comment Form

To submit a complaint, students can complete the online complaint form. Prior to submitting the form, the student is encouraged to first discuss the matter with the individual(s) most directly responsible.

Students who ask that their names not be forwarded to the person or office complained about, should submit a comment form. In such cases, the member of the Deans’ staff who reviews the form, will remove the student’s name and contact information from the form prior to forwarding it to the relevant individual.

The form, once filed, is reviewed by a member of the College deans’ staff, who in most cases, will share the form directly with the chair or director of the relevant department or program, and request a response in writing. Occasionally, other College or University representatives will be consulted in an effort to assure that the complaint or comment form is reviewed in the most appropriate way.

The student submitting the complaint or comment form, will receive a response in writing, generally within two weeks.

Other Specialized Forms

The complaint or comment form should not be used in cases involving student or academic disciplinary charges or a request for a review of a financial aid package or policy. Specialized processes exist for students wishing to make discrimination complaints, which can be raised with the Title IX coordinators, the University Ombuds, or by submitting a bias-related incident report.

Students who are unsure where to file a complaint, consult the director of the relevant office or another member of the University community.

For a comprehensive list of helpful offices and individuals, see the CARE resource center.