Diplomas and Department Ceremonies


A University commencement ceremony is scheduled in May of each year. The ceremony includes processions of students in regalia, faculty representatives, and a platform party of guests and dignitaries.

Department Ceremonies

Following the University commencement, each department and program offering a major in Arts, Sciences & Engineering has its own ceremony to honor its majors. The schedule of department ceremonies is published on the commencement website.


Students will receive their diplomas by mail according to the schedule published by the Office of the Registrar. Diplomas for bachelor of science degrees say “Bachelor of Science in (e.g., Chemistry).” Bachelor of arts diplomas say “Bachelor of Arts” with the major(s) listed. Neither minors nor any departmental honors are included on the diploma. The diploma will show any Latin honors.

Diplomas awarded at the end of the fall semester will contain Latin Honors notations as appropriate.


The official transcript shows not only the major(s) and the date of graduation, but also any minor(s), clusters completed for the degree, departmental honors or distinction, Latin honors, election to Phi Beta Kappa or Tau Beta Pi, acceptance to Take Five or e5, certificate completion, and certain prizes.