Drop Policy for Calculus

Students registered for MTH 161 should know that they can drop down to MTH 141 during the semester, up to one week following the first exam in MTH 161. In most cases, grades received in 161 do not carry over to 141; however, the students should discuss the grading policies with their instructors.

While we discourage students from dropping to 141 later in the semester, it is possible to do so by petitioning the mathematics director of undergraduate studies for approval. If authorized by mathematics, MTH 161 will be deleted from the record when MTH 141 is added.

The same policy applies to dropping from MTH 162 to MTH 142.


Students who receive credit for any of MTH 141–143, 161–165, or 171–174 will not receive credit for MTH 140A or 141A, or any course in the sequence that precedes one already completed, if taken subsequently.

AP Credit

Students who pass MTH 141 or 161 after receiving AP credit for MTH 161 forfeit that credit. Students who pass MTH 141, 142, and 143 or MTH 161 and 162 after receiving AP credit for MTH 161 and 162 forfeit that credit.

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