Early Connection Opportunity

Early Connection Opportunity (ECO) is a highly successful program for students who the University thinks will benefit from an early and extended orientation to the University. The program introduces participants to the academic challenges that college learning might present to them and the skills that will serve them well in addressing those challenges.

The program’s size is limited, and priority is given to New York State Arthur O. Eve Higher Education Opportunity Program (HEOP) students for whom the program is mandated, and to other members of the first-year class who we believe would benefit from the connections made during the program.

ECO is a four-week residential program during July and August. Students take courses in academic strategies and tactics, writing, mathematics, introduction to computer applications, and at least one lecture-style course. They also learn about the various support services provided for students. Students who successfully complete the ECO program earn four elective credits.

For more information, see the ECO program webpage.