Graduate Courses

Undergraduates may take graduate-level courses (beyond those specific graduate courses which may be required for the degree), although graduate courses at the Simon Business School are normally not available to undergraduates.


To qualify for graduate courses, the student must have the academic prerequisites for the course and must show that he/she is capable of handling graduate-level work.


To register for a graduate-level (400-level) course, students must have the approval of the instructor teaching the course, the approved credit hours, and the approval of the student’s dean on a registration form or Drop/Add Form. (Online registration for graduate courses is not permitted.)

Approval is not granted if the course is available at the undergraduate level unless the instructor submits a separate request stating that the student is required to complete additional work. The dean’s permission should be requested at the Academic Services Counter in Lattimore 312.

Course Credit and Grades

Effective Fall 2020, the general policy permitting undergraduates to receive four undergraduate credits for graduate courses carrying three credits has been modified.  Undergraduates enrolling in certain 400-level courses (e.g., Microbiology, Preventive Medicine) will continue to earn four credits in those cases where the instructor has added enriched content for the course, permitting students to receive the equivalent of the fourth credit hour.  In all other cases, undergraduates will receive three credits for a graduate course carrying three credits, or six credits for a graduate seminar carrying six credits. Please note that this is a change of the policy as of Fall 2020 to correspond with official accounting of contact hours within courses across schools within the University.

Students taking graduate courses for the purpose of applying this coursework toward a graduate program at the University of Rochester, should be aware of the differences in grading schemes between undergraduate and graduate programs.  For example, a grade of “C” in a graduate course, while satisfactory at the undergraduate level, may not be satisfactory for a graduate program. Students should also be aware of relevant transfer credit policies impacting graduate coursework taken prior to matriculation in a graduate program at the University of Rochester.

Undergraduates may select the S/F option for a graduate course.  (Graduate students, including those with NG classifications, have no S/F option.)