Music Lessons (Applied Music) at Eastman

A student with an intermediate level of proficiency can apply for two-credit half-hour instrumental or voice lessons at the collegiate level and have the grade and credit for this work entered on their permanent record. No more than 16 credits can be counted toward the degree by non-music majors. Students earning a second degree from the Eastman School of Music are also exempt from this limit.

If a student takes more than the 16 credits, these credits will not be applied to their degree. However, the courses and credit will still appear on the transcript and the grades earned will be included in the student’s grade point average.

A two-credit course in applied music taken in addition to a standard four-course load is not considered an overload unless a student exceeds 19 credits. Some students receive permission to take hour lessons that carry variable amounts of credits. 

Students cannot take an applied music course (music lessons) as satisfactory/fail.

Register for Lessons

Students who need to schedule an audition for studio lessons should contact James Warlick in the Department of Music at or (585) 273-5157, or complete the online application for studio lessons auditions. An appointment will be made for an audition.

After a successful audition that demonstrates an intermediate level of competency, students and the registrar are notified by Eastman of their acceptance and their instructor assignment, and are registered for the course for that semester.

Students who are already registered for music lessons follow normal registration procedures for subsequent semesters. If you choose to take a break from lessons for more than one semester and then wish to resume lessons, you may be asked to re-audition.

For more information, see the Eastman registrar’s website.

Non-credit Lessons

Beginning students can take private music lessons by enrolling directly with the Eastman Community Music School. Since the cost of this type of instruction is not included in the regular college tuition, students will be billed directly by the Eastman School. College credit is not given for this work and course enrollment will not appear on the student’s permanent record.