Readmission for Degree

Students who do not complete their degree requirements by December 31 following their scheduled graduation date are eligible to apply for Readmission for Degree status if they do not need to register for additional classes at the University of Rochester. (There is an application fee of $25.)

Students who wish to inquire about Readmission for Degree status should contact Kelly Barbic in the College Center for Advising Services for additional information.

Students are permitted by the Administrative Committee to meet the distribution requirements that were in effect for their original class. The same deadlines for completion apply, although with a later class. For example, a student in the Class of 2016 who needs to complete an additional course for her major may, with the permission of her academic department, register for the needed course at another college during the spring 2019 semester and transfer the credit back to the University of Rochester. Upon successful completion of this last course for her degree, the student would earn her degree with the Class of 2019.

Students who receive their degrees with a later class can ask the Alumni Association to continue to consider them as members of their original class so that they can celebrate alumni events with them.

Students who need to enroll in additional courses at the University during the academic year in order to complete their degree should apply for readmission through the College Center for Advising Services rather than Readmission for Degree. See the readmission page for more information.

Applying Non-matriculated Credits

If a student takes coursework at the University of Rochester as a non-matriculated student, they can ask to use these credits towards their bachelor’s degree when they reapply.

They will be assessed additional tuition representing the differential between the non-matriculated rate and the rate that applies to matriculated students.