Undergraduate Program in
Public Health

Undergraduate Programs

BA in Bioethics

This major requires 13 courses. Prerequisites do not add any additional courses. It is a Bachelor of Arts major that satisfies the Humanities requirement of the Rochester Curriculum.

Key goals for this major:

Provide students with the tools to think about the major ethical and related legal questions that arise in medicine and public health;

Understand the frameworks in which individual moral decisions should be made;

Understand the frameworks in which social and political moral decisions should be made;

Understand the most important controversies in bioethics;

Develop the tools to analyze moral arguments in bioethics; and

Develop the tools to construct arguments that contribute to some of these debates.

Requirements of the Major:

(prerequisites in parentheses)

A. Foundational Courses:
B. Common Core (5 courses):
PH 101 Introduction to Public Health I (none)
PH 102 Introduction to Public Health II (PH 101)
PH 103 Concepts of Epidemiology (none)
STT 212 or STT 211 Appl. Stat. for the Biological and Physical Sciences I or Appl. Stat. for Social Sciences (none)
PHL 228 or
PHL 225
Public Health Ethics (228) or Ethical Decisions in Medicine (225) (1 in PHL; or permission of instructor)
C. Specific Core Requirements:
Required Core (5 courses)
PHL 102 General Ethics (none)
PHL 223/223W Social and Political Philosophy (PHL 102)
PH/PSC 236 Health Care and Law (none)
PH 300W (H) Seminar for Bioethics Majors (1 in PHL)
*PHL 228/228W or PHL 225/225W Public Health Ethics or Ethical Decisions in Medicine (1 in PHL; or permission of instructor)
D. Electives (3 courses - 2 must come from Group I; 1 must come from Group II):
I. Philosophy and Ethics
PHL 103 Contemporary Moral Problems (none)
PHL 220/220W Recent Ethical Theory (1 in ethics)
PHL 226/226W Philosophy of Law (1 in PHL)
PHL 230/230W Environmental Justice (1 in PHL)
II. History, Sociology, and Anthropology
ANT 216 Medical Anthropology (1 in ANT)
HIS 202/202W Medicine, History and Social Reform *prior to fall 2013 HIS 208 (none)
HIS 203/203W Changing Concepts of Health and Illness *prior to fall 2013 HIS 209 (none)
HIS 204/204W History of International and Global Health *prior to fall 2013 HIS 287 (none)
PH 116 Introduction to the U.S. Health System


PH 397W

Community Engagement Internship*
*open to juniors, seniors, Take 5 & KEY PH majors

(PH 101, PH 102, PH 103)

E. Upper-Level Writing Requirement:
Students will be required to register for two upper-level writing courses within this major, one of which is PH 300W Seminar for Bioethics Majors.

For Double Majors: Due to the interdisciplinary nature of the Public Health-related programs, no more than two courses may overlap between a public health major and another major.