University of Rochester
Community Service Activities 2003-2004

Health Care Providers

The AIDS Center (Adult, Peds, Psychiatry and OB/GYN Care)

Hotline is available to health care providers needing assistance with HIV questions/treatment. The Hotline is staffed by physicians from the center.
Patricia Ross

AIDS Center Training Program

Clinical Education Initiative: Through a grant from the New York State Department of Health, AIDS Institute, the AIDS Center provides HIV training to health care clinicians in inner city clinics. Program content includes not only medical issues but also psychosocial, case management, and psychiatric aspects of HIV, as well as women's issues. These programs are provided on site for physicians, nurse practitioners, physicians assistants, nurses, social workers and case managers in Monroe County and the Finger Lakes Region.
Amneris Luque, M.D.

Center for the Study of Rochester's Health

The Center is a collaboration of the Monroe County Department of Public Health, University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry, and the University of Rochester School of Nursing to improve the health of the community by supporting continuous community health improvement, fostering community health research, and increasing students' knowledge of applied population medicine.
Nancy M. Bennett, M.D., M.S.

Child Advocacy Resident Education (CARE) Program

Opportunities for senior pediatric and medicine-pediatric residents to further develop partnerships with community-based organizations in projects that teach residents and benefit children. The ultimate goal of the program is to create a new generation of pediatricians who will have the skills necessary to improve the health of children at the community level.
Jeffrey Kaczorowski, M.D., Laura Jean Shipley, M.D.

Community Nursing Center

The Community Nursing Center (CNC) is an entrepreneurial nursing practice affiliated with School of Nursing. The CNC was established in the late 1980s with the primary objective of serving the community's evolving needs for programs that address health promotion/wellness, early detection and disease management. Selected program follow.

  • Nutrition and Weight Management Center: The Nutrition and Weight Management Center provides comprehensive, multidisciplinary weight management services focusing on adults and children and adolescents. The center facilitates research studies that incorporate nutrition and weight management as part of the intervention.
  • School Based Health Initiatives: The School Based Health Initiatives provide school health and primary care services to high-risk and often underserved high school populations. Comprehensive services include primary, sub-acute and mental health care with an emphasis on health education, promotion and safe health practices. Violence prevention and high risk truancy programs are also provided.
  • Flu Prevention Program: The Flu and Pneumonia Prevention Program provides on-site clinics in both corporate and community settings with flexible schedules to meet diverse community needs.
  • Center for Lifelong Learning: The Center for Lifelong Learning develops and implements unique learning opportunities for nurses, physicians, teachers and other allied health care providers who desire ongoing professional and personal growth.

Web/contact: 275-0446
Donna Tortoretti, Executive Director and COO; Mark McNaney, Administrator

Daisy Marquis Jones Foundation Outreach Dental Center - Community Dentistry & Oral Disease Prevention

This project has been a model of interagency collaboration. Throughout its development, the Rochester City School District, Dentistry at the University of Rochester, Strong Health, Unity Health System, government agencies and generous philanthropic partners have joined in community collaboration to create a comprehensive school-based health center in one of Rochester's most impoverished neighborhoods.
Web/contact: 275-5007
Holly Barone, Sr. Operations Administrator, Community Dentistry & Oral Disease Prevention

Downtown Health Care Center —Community Dentistry & Oral Disease Prevention

The Downtown Health Care Center has improved access to care by providing "one stop shopping", whereby patients have the ability to receive medical services the same day as their dental appointment. The Center serves as a safety net provider for the uninsured and homeless, providing sliding fee scale discounts for dental services.
Web/contact: 275-5007
Holly Barone, Sr. Operations Administrator, Community Dentistry & Oral Disease Prevention

East High School Based Health Center

Nurse practitioners providing school health and primary care services to high school populations. Health care services include physical exams for work permits, sports, or college; immunizations, laboratory work, evaluation and treatment of acute medical problems, physician consultation, reproductive health and family planning, prescribe and administer medication as needed, health education. Mental health services include screenings to identify and help with high risk problems, individual and group therapy, family therapy, psychiatric consultation, crisis counseling, information and referral.
Maureen VanCura, R.N., M.S.

Finger Lakes Regional Poison and Drug Information Center at the University of Rochester Medical Center

The Poison and Drug Information Center provides emergency management of accidental and intentional poison ingestions as well as drug and lactation information services to over 28,000 callers from the Finger Lakes region each year. The Center also provides poison prevention literature, resources, and facilitator training for child care providers, parents, grandparents, educators, community leaders, and health professionals who work with pre-school children. The Center, which serves a 12-county area, offers an Occupational and Environmental Toxicology Clinic available by primary care physician referral. TTY and translation services are available. Speakers for professional organizations or agencies are also available. The poison center has recently been awarded a grant to address special needs of some populations which allows for presentations specifically regarding deaf and migrant worker populations.
John Benitez, M.D., M.P.H., Managing Director/Assoc. Medical Director, Ruth A., Lawrence, M.D., Medical Director

Gilda's Club and Cancer Action

Cancer Center faculty and staff volunteers at this community service organization in various areas including teaching in-service programs for health care providers, support groups for people with cancer, community cancer education programs, Camp Open Arms (a summer day camp for children with cancer) Camp Connect (a camp for adults with cancer), other programs like social activities and support groups as well as educational programs, and in fundraising and public relations efforts.
J. E. Giarrizzo

Edward G. Miner Library

All health professionals, physicians, nurses, therapists, scientists, etc. are welcome to use almost all of the resources within the Library. Medical Center faculty, staff, and students, whether part-time or full-time, are the Library's pri-mary clients. They are accorded the highest priority of service, the fullest range of services, and the greatest subsidies for fee-based services. Residents from other local hospitals, Highland Hospital staff, and Upstate Health Partners (among others) receive some services as if they were primary clients, how-ever, fee subsidies only apply in special situations. Additional information on Miner, including its service policies, education services, and hours of operation, is available by calling the Circulation Desk (275-3361) or visiting the Library's Web site.
Susan Andersen

Nazareth College Annual Career and Health Fair - Community Dentistry & Oral Disease Prevention

Oral health educators support the health science curriculum of the Nazareth nursing department by providing students with information on a career in dentistry. A consumer friendly display board, brochures, and giveaways illustrate career path options available.
Web/contact: 275-5007
Dr. Darlene Riggins-White, Education Coordinator, Community Dentistry & Oral Disease Prevention

New York State Seventh District Dental Society Celebrates Children's Dental Health Month — Community Dentistry & Oral Disease Prevention

This event represents a successful collaboration between the dentistry program and the local dental constituency to bring oral health education to families. These events are usually held at local malls or museums and feature the "Tooth Fairy."
Web/contact: 275-5007
Dr. Darlene Riggins-White, Education Coordinator, Community Dentistry & Oral Disease Prevention

PAH, MD: Promoting Health Care Access for the Deaf Community

PAH, MD, founded at the University of Virginia, is a group dedicated to promoting awareness of deaf/hard-of-hearing issues in the health care community and to increasing access for health care among Rochester's large deaf/hard-of-hearing populationMembers design and carry out service projects as a group.
Students of Rochester Outreach, School of Medicine and Dentistry

Positive Behavior Supports Program

Provides evidence based case and classroom consultation, in-service training, and technical assistance to educational agencies and school districts serving students with disabilities who exhibit challenging behavior. Establishes partnerships with education teams to help students achieve personally meaningful academic and social goals.
Web/contact: 275-2521
Vincent Pandolfi, Ph.D., Director

The Rap/Jingle-Rhyme for Oral Health Program (R/J-R) — Community Dentistry & Oral Disease Prevention

R/J-R is an alternative education experience for young children and their families to help the child develop good lifelong oral health skills. The R/J-R program brings oral health education into elementary school classrooms in the Rochester City School District (RCSD) and provides leadership in dentistry for special family-focused events.
Web/contact: 275-5007
Dr. Darlene Riggins-White, Education Coordinator, Community Dentistry & Oral Disease Prevention

Regional Continuing Medical Education (CME) Programs

The Office of Continuing Professional Education, of the School of Medicine and Dentistry, works with community hospitals and health care providers throughout the region to help identify the medical education needs of practicing physicians and to organize CME programs designed to meet those needs. Programs of varying lengths are held across the region and throughout the year. These activities are usually targeted to the Primary Health Care Provider, although many are also of interest to the spectrum of health professionals serving the region. The office sponsors a growing number of print, journal, CD-ROM and on-line educational opportunities across many specialty areas.
Paul Lambiase

Rural Outreach Dental Program — Community Dentistry & Oral Disease Prevention

The Rural Outreach Program provides dental care to our rural neighbors who have the least access to care. Dental services are provided at Dansville elementary school as well as in Mt. Morris, housed on the same grounds as the Livingston County Department of Health. Collaboration with BOCES also provides much needed dental care to migrant farm workers and their families.
Web/contact: 275-5007
Holly Barone, Sr. Operations Administrator, Community Dentistry & Oral Disease Prevention

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