For Underloads

Full-time students, who registered for 12 credits or more, pay full-time tuition. There is no refund for students who carry an underload below 12 credits, nor normally for students who withdraw from courses to carry below 12 credits.

Students who do not need or want to be full-time should discuss part-time status with an advisor in the College Center for Advising Services (CCAS) or the Hajim School’s Dean’s Office. A change to part-time status needs to be made prior to the start of the semester. See the part-time student status page for more information.

For Students Who Withdraw from the College or Declare Inactive Status

The bursar’s office is responsible for refunding tuition, room, board, and fees paid when a student leaves the College based on instructions received from the dean of the College. The fee schedule for withdrawal or placement on inactive status effective during the semester can be found in the bursar’s office.

Special consideration is given when possible and permitted by government regulation to a student leaving for medical reasons or other extenuating circumstances. The Financial Aid Office must adhere to federal regulations when recalculating a student’s aid eligibility.

For more information on student refunds, see the Office of the Bursar’s student refund page.