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Sponsored Program Compliance

Table of Contents

Investigator Responsibilities at the University of Rochester

A Valuable Resource

This site is an essential reference for all Principal Investigators (PI's) at the University of Rochester (UR). We encourage everyone involved in research to bookmark specific pages for personal reference.

The regulatory requirements of federally sponsored research are complex. This web site will assist you in understanding these regulations, and it presents an overview, organized around topics related to the conduct and administration of research. Topics presented include:

  • Environmental health and safety;
  • Expenditures of project funds;
  • Financial disclosures and conflicts of interest;
  • Invention disclosures;
  • Reporting of scientific misconduct

In summary,each of the pages (numbered 1-19) contains:

  • Basic information related to the specified topic;
  • More detailed explanations, examples and clarifications linked in the colored "boxes" on each of the pages

Research excellence includes adhering to the mandatory requirements of our funding agencies. We encourage your feedback on how to further improve this resource for UR faculty and staff. Meliora!




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