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Award Management - Pre-Award Spending/Contingent Financial Activity Objects (FAOs)

There are two types of pre-award spending that can be requested for sponsored projects.

Type 1: 90-Day Pre-Award Spending:
For federal grants and cooperative agreements issued under Expanded Authorities, the federal funding agencies have transferred to the University the authority to incur costs up to 90 calendar days prior to the official start date of the award.

Type 2: Advance GR FAO Request:
Under certain conditions, an Investigator or Department may request a GR FAO prior to the actual receipt of the award. This can be done according to sponsor guidelines and regulations through completion of a Request to Issue an Advance GR FAO Form.

In most cases, pre-award GR FAO establishment cannot occur more than ninety (90) days prior to the actual award start date (without sponsor approval). The Department Chair or Division Chief must indicate approval of the request by signing the form and providing an alternate unrestricted FAO, indicating willingness to assume fiscal responsibility for any charges if the award fails to materialize.

The Request to Issue an Advance Accountt GR FAO Form must be completed by the Principal Investigator. All informatin must be completed. In addition, the Principal Investigator must state why pre-award costs are necessary.