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Award Management - No-Cost Extensions

Under Expanded Authorities, ORPA has the ability to approve a first no-cost extension (up to 12 months) on most federal grants, including NIH. This may be accomplished by completing the First No-Cost Extension for Federal Grants form and submitting it through an Award Modification Request (AMR) in IORA. A no-cost extension can be requested and approved if:

  • Additional time beyond the established expiration date is required to ensure adequate completion of the originally approved project.
  • Continuity of grant support is required while a competing continuation application is under review.
  • The extension is necessary to permit an orderly phase-out of a project that will not receive continued support.

Generally, Federal agencies will not allow a no cost extension if there are no remaining funds in the award. The purpose of the no cost extension cannot be to utilize unexpended funds. There must be a scientific justification substantiating the no cost extension.

The PI must consider the level of effort needed by key personnel to complete the work during a no cost extension period. Per most federal agency guidance, key personnel must maintain a measureable level of effort during a no cost extension period. The department must determine if sufficient funds remain in the GR FAO to cover that effort during the entire no-cost extension period. If insufficient funds remain, a Cost Sharing Form (Form 150) is required.

The AMR for the no cost extension should be requested in IORA at least 30 business days prior to the projected end date.

For second no-cost extensions, prior approval from the sponsor is always required. ORPA can initiate the request for a second No Cost Extension via the Prior Approval module of the NIH Commons. To request a second No Cost Extension for an NIH award please complete the Second No Cost Extension Request form and send it to ORPA via an Award Modification Request (AMR) in IORA. Please note, not all NIH awards are eligible for a second no cost extension in Commons (ie, the project period end date is in the past). Therefore, please contact your ORPA RA prior to preparing the documents needed to allow them to search the Commons for the allowability of a 2nd no cost extension.

Contact your ORPA RA for additional guidance on second and subsequent no-cost extension requests for sponsors other than NIH.