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Award Management - Subawards

When the University receives a prime award from a sponsoring agency, it may be necessary to establish a subagreement with a third party. The Department must initiate the issuance of the subagreement by providing all of the required information in the Agreements module of IORA via the Subaward/Subcontract smartforms. The submission of the IORA Subaward/Subcontract smartforms infers that the PI has approved the issuance of the subagreement and has evaluated the subrecipient’s cost proposal for allowability and accuracy. The information contained in the IORA Subaward/Subcontract smartforms is necessary for drafting the agreement which establishes the contractual relationship between the University and the Subrecipient and for audit purposes.

The IORA Subaward/Subrecipient Agreement request must be completed for the first year to allow issuance of a new Subagreement. For subsequent years, an amendment to the original Subaward/Subcontract in IORA is required. Subgreement amendments require the completion of additional IORA smartforms, the upload of the budget for the new year, and updated 3A and 3B forms. See the Subaward Quick Guide and ORPA Subagreement Manual for more information.