Final Exam Schedules

Unless your instructor informs you otherwise, you can determine the time and date of your final exams by following the final exam schedules below. The exam schedules do not apply to the Eastman School of Music.

NOTE: The examination schedules are subject to change.

Please note:

  • Final exams for courses that do not have a common final exam are scheduled according to the days and hours the course meets during the semester.
  • All examinations will be held in their regularly scheduled classrooms unless you are notified to the contrary by the instructor.
  • Exams are occasionally rescheduled because of special circumstances.
  • The examination schedule is subject to change.

Reading Period

The official reading period is optional by the school offering the course. Arts, Sciences, & Engineering (AS&E) abides by the reading period. During this time, instructors are allowed to hold review classes but cannot schedule regular class.