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Course Registration

Course Changes and Withdrawals

Add a Course

Matriculated Students

If you are currently enrolled (full-time OR part-time) in a UR degree program, you can add a course in UR Student up to the add deadline for each one of the five Summer Sessions, as long as you meet the course prerequisites and are eligible to enroll in the course. View the tutorial to add a course in UR Student.

Credit Overloads
Students can enroll in up to 12.99 credits for the entire summer session (May 24-August 13, 2021). If you wish to enroll in more than 12.99 credits, you will need to complete an overload request by filling out an Matriculated Drop/Add Form with the total number of credits you wish to take and submit it to for approval.

Time Conflicts
If you wish to register for two Summer Sessions courses that have overlapping meeting days and times, you need to complete a Time Conflict Resolution Form and submit it with your completed Matriculated Drop/Add Form to for approval.

Non-Matriculated Students

If you are NOT currently enrolled in a University of Rochester degree program, you can add a Summer Sessions course by the add deadline through the following process: 

  1. Review enrollment policiescourse information, and important deadlines. Meet any requirements that apply to you.
  2. Use the Course Description and Course Schedule (CDCS) to find Summer Sessions courses. (View instructions for searching CDCS.) 
  3. Complete the online non-matriculated student registration formThis forms allows you to submit personal information to the University and is necessary in order to set up your online student accounts and/or verify that your online student accounts are still active.
  4. Once your form has successfully been submitted, you will receive a follow-up email from the Registrar's Office within 3-5 business days, either confirming your course enrollment(s) or asking for additional information. Please note that failure to respond promptly to requests for additional information may result in a delay in your course registration.

Incoming First-Year and Transfer Students

If you are beginning your program of study in the Fall 2021 semester, you can add a Summer Sessions course by the add deadline through the process below.

Please note: the advising and registration process can take up to 2 weeks to complete, so make sure to begin the process well in advance of the start date of the class(es) you are interested in taking.

  1. Review Summer 2021 course options in Arts, Sciences and Engineering in the Course Description/Course Schedule (CDCS). View instructions for searching the online course catalog here.
  2. Use the online scheduling tool to set up a 30-minute Zoom meeting to discuss your selected summer courses with an advisor in the College Center for Advising Services.
    1. Based on your intended major (or academic interest), please select to meet with a School of Arts & Sciences advisor (blue dot) or Hajim School of Engineering & Applied Sciences advisor (yellow dot). View School of Arts & Sciences majors and Hajim School of Engineering & Applied Sciences majors.
  3. Once you meet with an advisor and have your summer course selection approved, please email the Office of Summer and Continuing Studies at with the following information:
    1. Course number(s) (e.g., AAAS 279-1)
    2. Course title(s)
    3. Name of the advisor that you met with
    4. The date of your advisor meeting
  4. Within 3-5 business days, you will receive an email from the Registrar's Office, confirming your course registration and detailing your next steps.
  5. The Office of Summer and Continuing Studies will reach out prior to the start of your course(s) to ensure you are prepared for the first day of class and answer any questions.

Drop or Withdraw from a Course

Summer Sessions courses can be dropped in UR Student. Courses dropped before the course's drop deadline  will be deleted entirely from your official record. If you drop a course after the drop deadline, it will be considered a withdrawal, which will result in "W" on your transcript, regardless of whether you are auditing the course or taking it for credit. Withdrawing from a course is not permitted after the course's withdrawal deadlineView the tutorial to drop a course in UR Student.

Instructors: Telephone calls or emails to offices on campus, or failure to attend classes are NOT considered official notice of intent to withdraw. The official date of withdrawal determines the amount of tuition refunded.

Change Your Grading Basis

You may change your grading basis from credit to audit for Summer Sessions courses until the add deadline for each session. (Please note that your tuition charges will be affected when switching to a different grading basis.) If you withdraw from a course you are auditing after the drop deadline, it will result in a "W" on your transcript and no refund.

To change your grading basis, you will need to fill out a drop/add form with your new grading basis and course information and submit it to the following offices for approval:

Matriculated Students (UR students currently enrolled in a degree program)

Non-Matriculated Students (students NOT enrolled in a UR degree program)

Incoming First-Year and Transfer Students (beginning their UR program of study in Fall 2021)

Petitions to the Ad Hoc Committee

Adding, dropping, or withdrawing from a course after the session's deadlines requires a petition for an exception to the College policy. Petition forms are available online, and should be submitted to the Office of Summer and Continuing Studies at for review.