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Course Registration

Enrollment Eligibility

Some Summer Sessions courses have prerequisites or eligibility requirements based on academic level or student status. Review the information below before registering.

Course Prerequisites

A course prerequisite is another course (or equivalent coursework) that must be completed prior to registering for that course. You can find the prerequisites listed in course descriptions on both the Course Description and Course Schedule (CDCS) and in UR Student.

Please note: some Summer Sessions courses have prerequisites that can be fulfilled through equivalent coursework or previous study. If you are unsure whether or not your educational history meets a course’s prerequisites, we encourage you to reach out to the course instructor.

Eligibility by Academic Level

To help set you up for success in the classroom, certain Summer Sessions courses require instructor permission in order to register. Please note that, regardless of academic level, you must meet the course prerequisites in order to register for a course.

If you are a...You are eligible to register for...
Rising high school freshman, sophomore, junior, or seniorPre-College Programs
High school graduate, but you have not yet taken any college-level coursesany undergraduate course with instructor permission
Incoming first-year or transfer University of Rochester studentany undergraduate course (maximum of two courses over the summer; must be taken online)
Currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree or have taken some college-level coursesany undergraduate course; any graduate course with instructor permission
A college graduate with a bachelor’s degreeany undergraduate or graduate course
Currently pursuing a master’s or doctoral degreeany undergraduate course with instructor permission; any graduate course


Obtaining Instructor Permission

If you are required to obtain instructor permission in order to register for a Summer Sessions course, you can do so through the following processes:

Matriculated Students

If you are currently enrolled in a University of Rochester degree program (full-time OR part-time), you can request instructor permission through UR Student:

  1. Click the Academics icon from your Homepage.
  2. Under Planning and Registration, click Request Course Section Pre-Requisite Override.
  3. Enter Academic Period and Academic Unit.
  4. Enter Course.
  5. Enter Course Section.
  6. Click OK to continue.
  7. Enter Comments (include all relevant information you want the instructor to know about your request).
  8. Click Submit.
  9. Review all information pertaining to your request.
  10. Click Done to complete the process. Your request is sent to the instructor for review.

Non-Matriculated Students

If you are a non-matriculated student (or a student not currently enrolled in a UR degree program), you will be notified if you need to obtain instructor permission after you successfully submit your online non-matriculated student registration form.

The notification, sent from the Registrar's Office within 3-5 business days, will include instructions on how to obtain instructor permission in order to move forward with your enrollment. Please note that failure to respond promptly to requests for instructor permission may result in a delay in your course registration.

Eligibility by Student Status (UR Students Only)

If you are currently...You are required to...
On a leave of absence from the UniversityComplete the reactivation process before registering for Summer Sessions courses. Learn more about returning from leave.
On academic probation or separated from the UniversityComplete an application for readmission before registering for Summer Sessions courses. Learn more about readmission.