The CARE Network

Resources for Students

Students Having a ConversationStudents are often the first to know when one of their friends, roommates, or peers is significantly struggling. For this reason, UR students are likely to be the most helpful in getting another student connected to appropriate campus resources through the CARE network. Often, students see and hear what the student is really experiencing and are able to provide insight into how this student is doing in multiple areas of his or her life.

We encourage you to submit a CARE Referral when there is significant reason to be concerned about another UR student. Whether this student is your best friend, classmate, roommate or hallmate, significant other, teammate, or fellow club member, the CARE system can be of assistance.

While student perspectives will vary, the following list provides some areas to consider when identifying a student of concern:

While one of the concerns listed above, alone, may not trigger a CARE Referral, a combination of these concerns may be cause for concern. Any information you submit may initiate the process of identifying a student in distress, or may add to information we already have about a student of concern.

If you are still uncertain about whether you should submit a CARE Referral, please review this document. You may also or instead choose to submit a Bias-Related Incident Report or Community Concern Report.

Submit a CARE Report

CARE-related Resources

One-on-one consultations

If you have concerns about a student, are unsure how to engage with a student of concern, or would like to talk through a challenging situation, one-on-one consultations are available with a CARE staff member. The meeting can be held over the phone or in the Office of the Dean of Students—whichever you prefer.

Appointments can be scheduled by calling (585) 275-4085.

Club or organization presentations

A CARE staff member is available to provide presentations to your club or organization based on the club or organization’s needs and desire for more information. Contact a CARE staff member if you or your club or organization would like more information about:


Conversation Starters

Are you concerned about a friend? Not sure how to initiate the conversation with him or her? Below are a few suggestions that may help you in telling this student about the resources available to him or her on campus.

Students Lying on Grass