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Teaching During Times of Disruption

How do I Share Content with my Students?

Blackboard can be used for sharing content (e.g. PowerPoint slides, PDF files, Word documents, links to external resources) with students.


The maximum total file upload size is 1 Gb; however, we recommend that you do not upload files larger than 500 Mb. Students working remotely will not have the high bandwidth internet access that they have on campus and downloading large files may take a long time.

How do I reduce the size of my files?

  • All audio and video files should be uploaded and streamed from Panopto.
  • Inserting high resolution images into Powerpoint files can increase the size of your resulting file. Be sure to resize graphics to lower resolutions before adding them into your slide deck.
  • Embedding videos into Powerpoint will also increase the file size. Instead, upload videos separately and stream through Panopto. Turn your Powerpoint slides into PDF instead.
  • Break up large files. Each will need to be uploaded individually.

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