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Teaching During Times of Disruption

Planning and Preparing for Disruption

There are a number of strategies that instructors can use to plan for potential classroom disruption.

  • Start by reviewing University guidance on how to Prepare to Work or Teach Remotely
  • Add a note in your syllabus about the potential for disruption and your planned response
  • Communicate your expectations for your students and emphasize where students can be informed about changes or updates to your course
  • Refer students who might be experiencing stress and anxiety to the appropriate University resources - 
  • Review your syllabus and assess priorities
  • Recognize the need to be flexible 
  • Keep your teaching assistant(s) informed of possible changes
  • If possible, consider offering a virtual class session during the semester to introduce the experience to your students
  • Use the course code in the subject of your message to students (Blackboard Announcements will do this automatically)
  • Consider using a discussion forum in your class for communication and subscribe to it 
  • Create a backup email distribution list for students in your class
  • Practice with the tools before you need to employ them

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