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How Do I Facilitate Exams or Tests?

The Blackboard Test tool allows you to administer an online exam, test, or quiz.

There are a number of options available for Blackboard tests (e.g., timed tests, question randomization, answer randomization). Please review these carefully as part of your setup.

We do NOT recommend the Force Completion option as loss of network connectivity can cause the test to submit prematurely.

Alternate options:

  • Set up a timed test
  • Deliver questions one at a time
  • Randomize the answers on questions
  • Randomize the questions within a test
  • Create a question pool and random sample from the pool so that each test is unique

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Workshop Video Tutorials:

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Information for extending time on Blackboard tests for students requiring accommodations.

Academic Honesty Information for ASE Instructors

Note regarding using images in tests: 

Taking an exam or test using the mobile application for Blackboard (Blackboard Student) is not recommended as any images that are part of the questions and answers are not displayed. This is a known issue as embedded images within tests are not supported on the mobile app. If your test includes embedded imaegs, you may want to warn students to not use the mobile application to take your test. Ask them to use a browser on their mobile device instead to access any tests. 



Note for secure testing: University of Rochester does not subscribe to a proctoring service, nor does it license Lockdown Browser.

For exceptional cases where a faculty member requires a proctored exam, please contact the Blackboard support team in your school.

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