Frequently Asked Questions

Who can report incidents of bias?

Any member of our University community can report bias-related incidents.

Can I report anonymously?

Yes! Bias Reports are completely anonymous unless you want to be contacted to follow up on the incident. In that case, please provide your name and email address for follow up.

Are all reports confidential?

Depending on the type of incident reported and its possible severity or impact on the safety or well-being of others in the University community, the assistant dean for diversity, AS&E and director of the Paul J. Burgett Intercultural Center is required to forward reports of illegal activity, discrimination, or sexual misconduct to the appropriate University department. 

What is the role of the Bias Response Team?

The Bias Response Team plays a vital educational role in fostering an inclusive campus climate and supporting individuals when bias incidents occur. When it is determined that the incident has the potential to disrupt the campus community in a significant way, the Bias Response Team is responsible for making an immediate determination about the incident, reaching out to others (if needed), and formulating a response (when appropriate).

Who are the Bias Response Team members?

The Bias-Related Incident Executive Team may include any number of the following, as well as other members of the campus community, depending on the reported incident:

  • Vice President for Student Life
  • Vice Provost and University Dean for Undergraduate Education, Dean of the College
  • Associate Vice Provost for Academic Equity
  • Dean of Students
  • Assistant Dean for Diversity, AS&E and Director, Paul J. Burgett Intercultural Center
  • Director of the Office of Minority Student Affairs
  • Director of LGBTQ Life & AS&E Staff Ombudsperson
  • Senior Associate Dean of the Faculty & AS&E Faculty Ombudsperson

What resources exist to learn more about how to talk about race?

Additional Resources