Class Offerings

CASC 120: Exploring Intercultural Competence: Preparation for the Global Citizen

What is intercultural competence? What is intercultural communication? How does one become interculturally competent in their increasingly globalized lives?

Intercultural competence provides the tools needed to interact with other cultures, socioeconomic statuses, political beliefs, racial and ethnic backgrounds, sexual orientations, gender expressions, gender identities, abilities, and religious affiliations. Learning with and by people of different backgrounds encourages collaboration and fosters innovation and creativity, thereby benefiting the entire community.

This course will be interactive and discussion based. Discussions will include guest speakers, reading personal narratives, as well as using popular media. Assignments will encourage students to conduct research, create an intercultural activity, and interact with people by conducting interviews. This course culminates with a group project, allowing for integration of theory and practice.