Apostille Requests

Note: The Registrar’s Office staff is currently working in the office and remotely. All paper transcripts, paper enrollment verifications, FedEX services, apostille preparation or forms requiring signatures are being processed at this time but it may take longer than normal to receive. Most transcripts and verifications can be ordered online. For guidance on other matters, please send an email to registrar@rochester.edu.

An apostille request is when a student is requesting a certified transcript or diploma as proof to an international institution or organization that the University of Rochester has the legal authority to grant degrees. 


Students can request an apostille (certification) for either record. All apostille requests should be submitted using the Apostille Request Form, which must be dated and include the signature of the person for whom the apostille is requested.

An original transcript must be ordered following the usual request process. Original diplomas must be returned to the Office of the University Registrar for copies to be prepared and certified.

Apostille Request Process

Once the registrar receives the original document, copies are made and a certification statement is prepared and signed by the Office of the University Registrar. The office’s signature is notarized and the document(s) and certifications are returned to the requestor.

Once the requestor has received the documents, they must then be forwarded to the Monroe County Clerk for certification that the University of Rochester does business in Monroe County. The address for requesting this certification is:

Office of the Monroe County Clerk
39 W. Main Street
Room 101
Rochester, New York 14614

Note: A check made out to the Monroe County Clerk must be included. The cost is $3 for each document requiring certification. (For example, three diploma copies and three transcripts will require a check for $18.)

The certified documents will then be returned to the requestor, who forwards them to the New York State Department of State for further certification. The address for the New York Department of State is as follows:

New York Department of State
Division of Licensing Services
Apostille and Authentication Unit
99 Washington Avenue 6th floor
PO Box 22001
Albany, NY 12201-2001

Once that portion of the process is complete, the documents will be returned to the requestor for submission to the United States Department of State or other national or international agency that is requiring the original apostille. In general, the process can take from four to six weeks for requests within the United States and six to twelve weeks for international requests.