Undergraduate Registration

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How to Register for Classes

Undergraduate students should register for classes during the  registration period. Students wishing to register after the registration period has ended should see an advisor in the College Center for Advising Services  (CCAS).

See the student portal page on the four steps to prepare for registration and registration instructions page  for more information about registering for classes online. Additional training materials are also available, as well as the webinar below.

UR Student Registration Information Session Video

Browser Issues

UR Student works best on a desktop or laptop and any modern browser. When off-campus, students will need to use their NetID Duo Two Factor Authentication for secure access. (See: NetID DUO Support)

Supported Browsers

  • Google® Chrome – latest release
  • Mozilla® Firefox – latest release
  • Opera® - latest release
  • Microsoft® Edge - latest release - not in "IE Mode"
  • Safari® - latest (MacOS only)

Partially Supported

Microsoft® Internet Explorer version 11 ONLY - problematically slow

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Prerequisite Courses

Course descriptions can be found at cdcs.ur.rochester.edu or within UR Student. Quick reference cards and videos are available to help you with this process. (See: find course sections, create plan and register).

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Signatures, Permissions, and Restrictions

When a course is closed you will need to submit an add/drop form and an email from the instructor providing permission to CCAS.

All undergraduates who want to repeat a course for a grade need to get the dean’s approval through CCAS. Trying to register for a repeat course will produce a warning in UR Student.

All first-year students and sophomores who have not been officially accepted into a major need to meet with their pre-major advisors before they register.

All undergraduates in the Hajim School of Engineering and Applied Sciences must get permission from their department before registering for classes.


When troubleshooting registration issues, use the quick reference cards and videos are available to help you with this process. (See: troubleshooting course registration).

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Underloads and Overloads

UR Student manages credit hour (minimum and maximum) limits automatically. Underload (less than 14 credit hours) and overload (more than 19 credit hours) programs for undergraduates must be approved by the Dean’s Office through CCAS and will have to stack approvals in person using a drop/add form.

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Auditing a Course

Students who want to audit a course select audit grading basis when registering or building a course section schedule in UR Student. (See the UR Student training page for information on how to register for a course prior to open registration or how to register for a course during open registration.)

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Bursar Hold Information

The payment agreement is part of UR Student onboarding tasks (see training completing required onboarding )

If you have a past due balance, you can settle your account with the Bursar’s Office. You will need financial clearance to register for the next term’s courses. All prior year balances must be paid in full before the start of the next academic year.

Students whose past due balance is $5,000 or greater, or who submit a check that is returned by the bank, are subject to cancellation of registration for the current semester and withdrawal from the University.

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Independent Study Courses and Internships

You can add independent study courses and internships any time before the end of the third full week of classes, but be sure to leave enough time for the entire approval process and enough leeway to substitute another course if you do not receive approval.

How to register for an independent study:

  1. Plan the course with a full-time instructor who will work with you and evaluate your work at the end of the semester
  2. Submit the online Independent Study Form (instructions)

Questions will be handled by mail or email. Receipt of the student’s copy by mail is confirmation that the study is approved.

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Drop/Add (Swap) a Course Procedures

Students can drop/swap or add courses in UR Student until the end of the drop/add period. First-year students and sophomores are required to communicate with their advisor before dropping or swapping within UR Student. (See the UR Student training page for information on how to drop or swap a course, how to register for a course during open registration, and how to add a course.)

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