Summer Sessions

2024 Key Dates

Below are the key academic and financial dates for Summer Sessions 2024. Please note that final exams are typically on the last day of class, however, dates are at the discretion of the instructor.

Summer 2024

Full Session
(12 weeks)

Session A1
(4 weeks)
Session A2
(6 weeks)
Session B1
(4 weeks)
Session B2
(6 weeks)
May 20 to
August 9
May 20
to June 14
May 20
to June 28
July 1
to July 26
July 1
to August 9
Registration opensMonday, February 19
No classes (University holidays)May 27, June 19, and July 4
Classes beginMay 20July 1
Last day to receive a 100% tuition refund*May 26May 21May 22July 2July 3
Last day to add or drop a course**June 2***May 26July 7
Last day to receive a 75% tuition refundJune 8May 26May 29July 7July 10
Last day to receive at 50% tuition refund****June 29June 2June 8July 13July 20
Last day to withdraw from a courseJuly 10May 31June 12July 12July 24
Classes endAugust 9June 14June 28July 26August 9
*For credited courses only. No refunds will be given after classes begin for audited courses.

**After this date, you must petition to add a course. If you drop a course after this date, it will be considered a withdrawal, which will result in "W" on your transcript. Withdrawing from a course is not permitted after the official course withdrawal deadline, listed as "Last day to withdraw from a course" above.

***The add/drop deadline for the full Summer Session (12 weeks) is later than the add/drop deadline for Summer Sessions A1 and A2, even though all three Sessions begin classes on the same day.

No tuition refunds will be given after this date. View the refund schedule and policies.