We look forward to helping you enroll in University of Rochester Summer Sessions. Please review the registration requirements and enrollment policies as early as possible to make sure you are ready to register for courses.

Registration requirements

Some Summer Sessions courses have restrictions or eligibility requirements based on academic level or student status. Review the Course Policies and Enrollment Eligibility pages to determine what necessary permissions, prerequisites, and/or processes you need to complete before registering for courses.

Registration deadlines

Summer 2024 course registration opens for all students on Monday, February 19, 2024. View additional important dates and deadlines on the Summer Sessions calendar.

2024 Summer SessionsSession datesRegistration opensLast day to register
Full Summer (12 weeks)Monday, May 20–Friday, August 9Monday, February 19Friday, May 31
Session A1 (4 weeks)Monday, May 20–Friday, June 14Monday, February 19Sunday, May 26
Session A2 (6 weeks)Monday, May 20–Friday, June 28Monday, February 19Friday, May 31
Session B1 (4 weeks)Monday, July 1–Friday, July 26Monday, February 19Sunday, July 7
Session B2 (6 weeks)Monday, July 1–Friday, August 9Monday, February 19Friday, July 12

Finding courses

Summer Sessions courses can be found on both the Course Description and Course Schedules Link (CDCS) and in UR Student. (Please note that viewing courses in UR Student requires you to already have an active UR Student account.) View instructions on searching these two systems to find the right Summer Sessions course(s) for you.

How to register

There are three different Summer Sessions course registration processes, depending on whether you are an:

  • Matriculated student: currently enrolled either full-time or part-time in a UR degree program
  • Non-matriculated student: not currently enrolled in a UR degree program
  • Incoming first-year or transfer student: beginning your undergraduate program of study in Arts, Sciences & Engineering in August 2024

Expand the boxes below to review the registration instructions that apply to you. 

Matriculated student registration

If you are currently enrolled in a University of Rochester degree program (full-time OR part-time):  

  1. Review enrollment policies, course information, and important deadlines. Meet any requirements that apply to you.
  2. Beginning Monday, February 19, 2024, log into your UR Student account and complete any necessary onboarding (including the Financial Responsibility Agreement).
  3. Follow these tutorials for finding and registering for courses in UR Student*, as well as for requesting instructor permission, should you be required to do so.

*If you wish to enroll in more than 12.99 credits (for the entire summer session) or enroll in two courses that have a time conflict, you will not be able to register through the UR Student system. Please refer to the course policies for credit overloads and time conflicts on the Course Information page.

Non-matriculated student registration

If you are NOT currently enrolled in a University of Rochester degree program:

  1. Review enrollment policies, course information, and important deadlines. Meet any requirements that apply to you.
  2. Use the Course Description and Course Schedule (CDCS) to find Summer Sessions courses. (View instructions for searching CDCS.)
  3. Complete the online non-matriculated student registration form. This forms allows you to submit personal information to the University and is necessary in order to set up your online student accounts and/or verify that your online student accounts are still active.
  4. Once your form has successfully been submitted, you will receive a follow-up email from the Registrar's Office within 3-5 business days, either confirming your course enrollment(s) or asking for additional information. Please note that failure to respond promptly to requests for additional information may result in a delay in your course registration.
Incoming first-year and transfer student registration

If you are beginning your program of study in Fall 2024, you can take up to two courses (online only) during the University's 2024 Summer Session. Use the button below to view instructions for finding and registering for summer classes. 

View registration instructions

Please note: This process can take up to 20 business days to complete, so we highly recommend beginning this process at least four weeks before the first day of the course(s) you are interested in taking to ensure you're ready for class.

Next steps

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