Finding Courses

Explore our wide variety of courses in humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, and engineering through the Course Description Course Schedule (CDCS) and in UR Student, the University's secure student information system.

Please note that viewing courses in UR Student requires you to already have an active UR Student account. Summer 2024 courses will be available on both CDCS and UR Student in early 2024.

Course Description and Course Schedule (CDCS)

CDCS is viewable to both UR students and the public. To find summer courses on CDCS:

  1. Select Summer 2024 as the Year/Term.
  2. Select Arts, Sciences and Engineering as the School.
  3. Use the additional fields to search by subject, course type, meeting days or times, and more.

Please note: courses and schedules are subject to change.

UR Student

Follow this helpful tutorial to search for summer courses in UR Student. Additional tutorials for navigating the UR Student system can be found on the University IT website.