The University of Rochester is committed to providing an accessible academic and campus community. The Office of Disability Resources offers a variety of services, with the goal of providing an inclusive experience and equal access for students to academic content and program requirements.

Registering with Disability Resources

Once you have successfully registered for Summer Sessions courses, you can register with their office.

If you are considering whether or not to pursue disability accommodations, we encourage you to set up a meeting with an access coordinator. You are not considered to have self-identified a disability until you specifically express a desire to do so through an individual interview and by submitting the application form.

We encourage you to meet with an access coordinator as early as possible to become acquainted and talk about classroom accommodations. However, requests to discuss accommodations are welcome at any time.


Supporting documentation regarding the existence and the nature of your disability is generally considered private. Accordingly, without written consent from you, information contained in the disability file is kept confidential to the maximum extent possible. Disability-related information will also be kept separate from your academic record. Access to your disability file is limited to the local access coordinator, the University disability resource coordinator, and other University officials who require access to the information to perform their professional responsibilities, or who need access to protect the health or safety of you or others. All records received will be destroyed seven years after your last enrollment term.

Contact the Office of Disability Resources

Disability Resources
University of Rochester
Taylor Hall
Box 270195
Rochester, NY 14627
Phone: (585) 276-5075

Associated College and University policies

Students with Disabilities
Policy on Classroom Assignment for Disabled Students