Student Organization Fundraising and Alumni Connection Policy

The University of Rochester recognizes that student organizations may wish to seek external funds to support key initiatives and therefore may wish to explore certain fundraising and/or fundraising opportunities.

The Student Organization Fundraising Policy applies whenever an Undergraduate College Student Organization, Fraternity & Sorority Life Group, or Residential Life Group using University/College resources (including, personnel/staff time, physical space on campus, software/systems, etc.) seeks to raise:

  • Private Monetary or Volunteer Support
  • Sponsorship in the name of the University of Rochester from any entity (e.g. individuals including alumni, parents, students, foundations and corporations) via a fundraising opportunity

A fundraising opportunity is defined as one that involves the solicitation of multiple individual donors/volunteers and is not already part of an on-going fundraising program.  The fundraising opportunity must be related to the education and healthcare mission of the University of Rochester.

Examples of opportunities for which student groups may consider fundraising include, but are not limited to:

  • Funding for annual programming and activities such as, hosting a speaker series, hosting or attending a leadership conference, and participation in service-related trips
  • Funding for operational expenses such as travel expenses, materials and supplies, and building/maintenance campaigns

Prior to embarking upon a fundraising opportunity, all interested student groups must adhere to the policies listed here, as well as the policies of their presiding department.

In general, Donations to entities that are not registered as 501(c)(3) organizations with the IRS will require additional layers of review prior to a funding distribution. This is due to the legal obligation of the University of Rochester and its subsidiaries (including student organizations) to ensure that the recipient of funding is the equivalent to that of a US public charity. The process by which the University must research entities is outside of the current capabilities and scope of the SOFO office and as such cannot be processed at this time.

  1. Any organization requesting financial or in-kind (food and drink, materials, supplies, etc.) support from members of the Board of Trustees or their Companies – both current voting members and life trustees – must receive written approval from both their governing department and University Advancement prior to initiating conversation.
  2. All applications will be reviewed by the appropriate governing department and the Office of Advancement and may be approved, recommended for revision, or denied in consultation with the Dean of the College.

The Office of Advancement is a donor-centric organization and reserves the right to communicate with and solicit any and all alumni, parents, community members or friends of the University at any time for any opportunity.

Venmo and similar platforms should not be utilized for fundraising or charitable donations.

For specific policies related to your Student Group type, please select the appropriate option below