Ticket Program

The WCSA Ticket Program offers student organizations a way to sell tickets to a variety of on and off campus events.  The Common Market serves as the primary box office for the College and uses  University Tickets to process all ticket transactions. Student Organizations should read the Ticket Policy and all customers should read the Ticket Purchase Policy.

How to Purchase Tickets

To purchase tickets, customers must have a  University Tickets account. University students and employees can login using their active directory credentials. General public members can use their personal emails to create their own account. Alumni should create an account as a general public member. Simply go to  University Tickets and click on the blue "Login/Register" button, followed by either the “Students/Faculty/Staff” or “General Public” button.

After an account has been created customers may go to  The Common Market to purchase tickets in person. Some tickets may also be available for online purchase at  University Tickets. In order to cover online credit card processing fees faculty, staff, graduate students, and general public members will be charged a $4 online service fee. University undergraduate students have had their fee subsidized by the Students Association.

All ticket purchases are final and Wilson Commons Student Activities (WCSA) will not issue any refunds or returns. For policy information, please review the below policy for purchasing tickets. For questions or assistance, please email Wilson Commons Student Activities, wcsa@rochester.edu.

How to Sell Tickets

Student organizations can use the WCSA Ticket program to sell tickets to events by first reviewing the  Ticket Policy. Student Organizations can then submit an Activity Registration and indicate they want to sell tickets. Tickets for new events go on sale every Monday morning, during the academic year when The Common Market opens.

For questions or assistance, please email Wilson Commons Student Activities, wcsa@rochester.edu.

The Mobile Box Office

The Mobile Box Office is a movable box office equipped with a ticket printer, credit card machine, cash box, and laptop. The Mobile Box Office is staffed by a WCSA student employee and sent to events with door sales.

During the activity registration process WCSA will assign student organizations to either use the MBO or sign out a petty cash bag from SOFO to run their own door sales.

Ticket Purchase Policy

  • General Purchasing
    • To purchase any tickets, customers must have a  University Tickets account
    • Ticket sales are conducted at The Common Market with cash, credit card, or URos. Certain events may accept Declining as well.
    • Tickets to certain events are available online by credit card (Visa, Discover, and Mastercard credit cards) only at  University Tickets.
      • All faculty, staff, and general public customers purchasing tickets online will be charged an online convenience fee of $4.
      • There is no convenience fee for undergraduate students purchasing tickets online.
      • All online tickets are will call only, the customer’s name will either be added to a Reservation List or have a physical ticket available for pick at the door of the event. E-tickets are not accepted.
    • Some ticketed events also have tickets available for purchase at the door of the event. Door sales run by The Mobile Box Office will accept cash and credit card sales. All other door sales will accept cash only.
    • Student organizations and university departments that wish to purchase tickets via Blue Requisitions may bring the completed requisition to The Common Market during its normal operating hours.
  • Ticketed Events Requiring Travel
    • Ticketed events located 25+ miles from campus require an  Individual Travel Waiver to be submitted.
    • Customers that fail to complete an Individual Travel Waiver prior to purchasing a ticket for the event are not authorized to purchase a ticket, nor are they authorized to travel.
    • These events have a  one ticket per person maximum and are only able to be sold to the individual traveling.
      • University departments wishing to purchase multiple tickets for these events must submit a list of attendees, all of whom are required to fill out the Individual Travel Waiver prior to the department purchasing the tickets.
  • Refunds and Cancellations
    • All ticket sales are final and WCSA will not issue any refunds or returns. Exceptions to this policy may only be provided if an error was made at the time of sale by a staff member or The Common Market employee.
    • If an event is canceled or postponed, affected customers will be notified via the email address associated with their University Tickets account, and provided three windows of time that they can pick up their refund. If the customer cannot make any of the designated times, the customer must schedule an appointment within five business days of the initial email or forfeit their refund.
      • The physical ticket, original form of payment, and ID must be present at the time of the refund.

Ticket Policy for Hosting Organizations

The Wilson Commons Student Activities (WCSA) Ticket Program offers several options for selling tickets to events sponsored by student organizations. Tickets can be sold online and/or at The Common Market for UR students, faculty, staff, and the general public. All tickets are shown online at  rochester.universitytickets.com. Only College Student Organizations, Fraternity and Sorority Life Organizations, and Residential Life Organizations can sell tickets through the WCSA Ticket Program.

If the student organization is selling tickets for a fundraiser, the Fundraising Policy takes precedent and must be followed.

  • Ticketed Event Policies
    • College Student Organizations selling tickets to events or requiring ticket printing services, must utilize the WCSA Ticket Program.
      • Fraternity and Sorority Life organizations and Residential Life Groups are not required to use the WCSA Ticket Program.
    • Ticket sales are only available during the academic year.
    • All ticketed events must be registered in CCC 30 days before the event. The activity registration must indicate that the event needs tickets.
    • Tickets for new events go on sale every Monday morning when The Common Market opens. This applies to both in-person and online sales.
      • Tickets will not go on sale on federal holidays or when the University is closed. Instead they will go on sale the next business day.
    • Online sales end at 3 P.M. the day of the event or 3 P.M. on Friday for events that occur over the weekend. A reservation list for online sales will be emailed to the student organization.
    • Complimentary (comp) tickets can be requested in the activity registration.
      • Comp tickets have $0.00 as the price of the ticket. These tickets are typically used for event managers, advisors, giveaways or special guest tickets.
    • “Off-the-Stack” tickets may be sold at The Common Market. These tickets are provided by the student organization and are not printed at The Common Market (i.e. movie theater tickets, tickets to Darien Lake, Fringe Fest tickets, etc…).
    • Tickets sold at The Common Market will be available for purchase with cash, credit card, and URos, unless the student organization specifically requests one of these options be removed. Online purchases are made with credit card only.
      • Events that utilize Meliora Catering, may sell tickets using declining funds, only after receiving approval from Meliora Catering in the activity registration.
        • See appendix A for more information regarding the guidelines for declining.
    • Ticket sales for catered meals will end when The Common Market closes on the night before the caterer’s final head count is due.
    • UR undergrads must be charged the lowest ticket price for all College Student Organization events and for programs that receive supplemental funding. The one exception is events with catered meals.
      • Ticket prices for catered meals must be equal to the cost of food and beverage (plus administrative fees).
    • Ticket prices are not discounted or reduced for any reason. Once prices are approved they cannot be changed.
    • All College Student Organizations, Fraternity and Sorority Life, and Residential Life Groups must adhere to all activity registration policies.
    • Exceptions to this policy can be requested through the WCSA Exception form:   Request an Exception.
  • Door Sales
    • All College Student Organizations (funded and non-funded) must use the WCSA Ticket Program for door sales.
      • Fraternity & Sorority Life groups using the WCSA Ticket Program for sales at The Commons Market or online, must follow the door sale/MBO policy.
      • Depending on the anticipated door sales, WCSA will determined if an event will have Mobile Box Office run the door sales, or if the student organization will be required to sign out petty cash and be in charge of their own door sales.
      • If signing out a petty cash bag:
        • Each petty cash bag will have a pre-determined amount of cash and a reconciliation sheet.
        • Bags can be picked up shortly before your event by contacting the Campus Center Building Manager on duty or by calling 585-329-9093.
        • Immediately following the event, the Student Organization must return the cash bag, with all the cash (petty cash and earned income), and the completed reconciliation sheet, to the SOFO office. If SOFO is closed, the student organization should call the Campus Center Building Manager at 585-329-9093.
      • If assigned a Mobile Box Office:
        • The Mobile Box Office will be staffed by a student employee of WCSA and will accept cash and credit card sales.
          • If door sales were requested, but the tickets at The Common Market sell out prior to the event date/time, a Mobile Box Office employee will distribute online tickets at the event (if applicable).
    • All tickets sold at the door must be the same price as the General Public tickets.
  • Post Event Expectations
    • After an event, WCSA staff will confirm final sales numbers and send an email a summary of the sales to the student organization’s business manager, event coordinator, and primary advisor. It may take up to 30 days for this information to be processed and sent.
    • Once the above email is sent, the income will be transferred internally to the student organization’s account(s).
      • Fraternity and Sorority Life income will be sent by check.
  • Appendix A: Declining Guidelines
    • Students and Student Organizations may request to use declining as a method of payment for Catering Events on the University of Rochester River or Eastman Campuses.
    • Declining can only be used towards the ticket price (equal to the cost of food) at an event ordered through Meliora Catering.
    • Declining cannot be used to pay for alcohol or alcohol-related expenses.
    • Declining cannot be donated to help cover the cost of an event.
    • A student organization cannot use both the WCSA Ticket Program and Meliora Catering to collect declining for an event.
    • Declining can be used to cover the costs of ticket fees through The Common Market as well as the Meliora Catering Administrative Fee.
    • A final guest count must be sent to Meliora Catering by 9 A.M. at least three business days prior to the event.
    • The total guest count provided to Meliora Catering will be based off of the actual number of tickets sold.

Dues Collection

College Student Organizations that need to collect dues from members can request to use University Tickets. The benefits of this include:

  • Members can pay dues online using their credit card
  • Eliminates the need to collect cash
  • Family and friends can pay dues on behalf of other people

Fill out this form to request online dues collection.

  • Policy/Rules
    • This service is only available to student organizations that bank with SOFO.
    • Dues/payment collections will always start on Mondays, when The Common Market opens (the same way tickets go on sale).
    • Funds will be transferred into student organization accounts as soon as possible.
    • There will not be any credit card fees assigned, regardless of who is paying.