The Food Pantry will be open for in person shopping and grocery bag orders for the summer! Updated hours can be found on the Building Hours site.

several shelves of dry good food items including cereals, chips, and granola bars 

About Us

The Food Pantry is dedicated to challenging the rising issue of student food insecurity on campus by supporting and serving all students and postdocs at the University of Rochester. Individuals can browse and choose non-perishable items during the Pantry’s operation hours in 105 Wilson Commons, or pre-order a bag for pick up. Check out our FAQs below for additional information or e-mail us at

Food Pantry Hours

Look for us on the Building Hours site to see when we are open.


Who should be using the Food Pantry?

While the Food Pantry is need-blind and does not have income or financial aid requirements, to be able to serve the highest need students we ask that you consider whether the Food Pantry is right for you.

The Food Pantry should be used by any students or postdocs who are food insecure or may be facing a change in employment status.

What if I am not available to pick up my bag?

See if a friend is willing to pick up your bag for you. Call or send us an e-mail to let us know who will be picking up on your behalf.

How can I continue to support the Food Pantry?

At this time, the Food Pantry can be supported in a variety of ways. Support our Crowdfunding effort and make a monetary donation online.

Donations can also be made via our Amazon Wishlist. Food items on Amazon currently go in and out of stock quickly. As long as the item is non-perishable – we’ll take it!

Drop off extra goods from your home pantry during our operation hours. For after hour deliveries, please reach out to Wilson Commons Student Activities.