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The Students’ Association Graphic Arts Suite (SAGAS) is located at 103 Wilson Commons and provides a wide range of design services. These services include the creation of posters, fliers, pamphlets, digital graphics, t-shirts, banners, logos, stickers, postcards, buttons/pins, and so much more.

Contact the Graphic Artist for more information and pricing.

Jennelle Hart
(585) 275-5941
103 Wilson Commons

Have a design dilemma and need advice? Stop on by!
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POSTERS Posters or flyers for your event should accurately portray the basic information about your event. An easy way to remember the details is to remember the six W’s: WHO (who is sponsoring the event, and who is invited to attend); WHAT (what type of event it is, and what is the name of the event); WHERE (where the event is); WHEN (when is the event - date and time, when is registration, when do doors open); WHY (why are you hosting, why should people attend); HOW (how to get tickets, how to find out more information, how much does it cost).

PROOFREAD When a project is ready to print, the Graphic Artist will ask you to proofread and approve the final version. There is nothing worse than finding typos or misinformation after hundreds of copies have been made.

SA FUNDED STATEMENT SA funded organizations need to include a statement regarding their status as being SA funded. Insert the organization into this sentence: “[Parent Organization] is SA funded.” This statement should be 14pt font.

COMMITTEE ADVERTISING When advertising an event sponsored by a committee, it shall be advertised as “[Name of Event] is sponsored by [Committee Name], a committee of [Parent Organization].”

DISCLOSURE FOR SPECIAL ACCOMMODATIONS All publicity directed to the general public MUST contain the following statement: “Anyone requiring special accommodations should contact the University Intercessor at 275.9125 at least five business days in advance of the event.”

PRINTING POSTERS The Graphic Artist works directly with local printers and can help you find the best prices for your advertising.


There are appropriate and inappropriate ways of using the University Logo and spirit marks. The Office of Communications has outlined specific guidelines on how to use the logo, Rochester R, and mascot. If you are thinking about using these in your advertisements, please speak to your advisor or the Graphic Artist on how to apply them. You can also visit the publications website. Interested in a custom Rocky for your club or event? Contact the Graphic Artist to discuss the possibilities.


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Email: wcsa@rochester.edu

Mailing Address:
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