Shops @ Wilco

The Shops @ Wilco is located on the 1st floor of Wilson Commons and is comprised of several stations where student organizations can fundraise by selling various items to the University community. The Common Market is also located in the Shops @ Wilco area - selling snacks, candy, various useful items, and tickets to many on campus events. If you have any questions about the Shops @ Wilco contact Wilson Commons Student Activities.

Shopping the Shops

All Shops are able to accept URos, cash, and credit cards. However, each student organization may choose to limit payment to specific tender options. If you plan on paying with a credit card, make sure you have logged into CCC at least once beforehand. Venmo and PayPal are not acceptable payment options.

Reserving a Shop

Only College Student Organizations and Fraternity & Sorority Life groups may reserve the Shops. There are three steps to reserving a Shop:

  1. Read the below policy
  2. Submit a reservation through Virtual EMS
  3. Submit an activity registration through CCC

When you use a Shop, you’ll need to check in each day at The Common Market (The Market) and sign out the key for your Shop. Each Shop comes equipped with a laptop, flex machine, cash box (to be picked up from The Market), sanitizing kit, and instructions for using the Shop. Every night when you are done at your Shop for the day, you will need to lock up your inventory inside your Shop station table and return the key and cash box to The Market.


  • Reservations
    • Shops are only available for reservation by College Student Organizations and Fraternity & Sorority Life groups.
    • A fee of $10 per reservation will be assessed for all confirmed reservations and will be deducted prior to the distribution of funds.
    • You cannot use a Shop without a reservation.
    • Reservations must occur between Monday and Saturday; they cannot span multiple weeks.
    • Shops should be reserved for a full week at a time, Monday-Saturday
    • Both your space reservation and activity registration must be submitted 14 days prior to the start date
    • Preference will be given to student organizations that have not already used the Shops during that academic year.
  • Sales
    • Sales, advertising, and solicitation must be conducted at the assigned Shop. Individuals staffing the Shop may not solicit anywhere else in the Campus Center or on campus. At least one representative from the student organization to whom the reservation was confirmed must be present during use.
    • College Student Organizations and Fraternity and Sorority Life groups may not harass or shout at patrons of Wilson Commons. Organizations engaging in harassment will be asked to leave and have their Shop reservation canceled.
    • All sales (including cash) must be logged accurately in CCC under the fundraising event
    • Only Uros, cash, and credit cards may be accepted. Use of mobile payment methods (such as Venmo, PayPal, etc.) are not allowed.
      • Credit cards can only be accepted through the CCC payment portal. The student organization should never handle a customer’s credit card.
      • All cash collected should be deposited at SOFO as soon as the event is concluded.
    • Funds collected through the Shops @ Wilco will be available within 30 days of the reservation ending. College Student Organizations will have their funds deposited into their designated SOFO account. Fraternity & Sorority Life groups will receive a check.
  • Prices and Inventory
    • Shops are permitted to sell items with up to 3 different price points. 
      • For example, a Shop requesting to sell:  Small Stickers for $2, Large Stickers for $3, Pins for $2 and Cups for $4, would be permitted.
      • A Shop requesting to sell:  Small Stickers for $2, Small Stickers with Glitter $3, Cups for $4, Large Pins for $5, would not be permitted.
    • All Shop reservations that involve the sale of food/drink, must follow University sanitation policies.
    • Student organizations with confirmed reservation(s) may store their supplies in the lockable cabinets of their assigned shop until the last day of their reservation. Food/drink cannot be stored overnight in the Shops.
  • Using the Shops
    • Shopkeepers must check in each day (no earlier than when The Common Market opens) and must check out by the time The Common Market closes.
    • Keys, QR code, and cashbox must be checked in and out every day from The Common Market. Shop laptop and flex machine must be locked in the bottom cabinet of the assigned Shop at the end of each day.
    • Use of Shops computers and equipment must adhere to the  University’s Acceptable Use policy. Improper or personal use of devices may result in loss of privileges.
    • Any loss, damage, or vandalism to the Shops @ Wilco equipment during the reservation, is the responsibility of the organization that is using it and must be reported immediately to the Campus Center Building Manager. The organization will be charged based on the cost for repair or replacement (not to exceed $3,000).
  • Limited Use
    • To sell tickets, raffle tickets or any other item that is tied to admittance, participation or registration for an event or program.
    • To collect dues. This includes fines that are imposed on the student organization.
    • To sell alcohol or drug paraphernalia.
    • To sell items listed as restricted under the  Residential Life Fire & Life Safety Guidelines/Checklist 
  • Cancellation Policy
    • Reservations must be canceled in CCC and EMS. Frequent last-minute cancellations will be documented and may result in loss of Shop privileges.
    • An organization that does not show-up for their confirmed reservation(s), will:
      • Assessed the $10 fee
      • Have their Shops @ Wilco privileges suspended for the remainder of the semester
  • Exceptions
    • Exceptions to this policy may be approved on a case-by-case basis. To request an Exception, please  complete the Exception Form.
    • Failure to comply with the Shops @ Wilco policy, may result in discontinuation of sales for the remainder of the reservations timeframe and/or loss of privileges.