Tuition Refund Schedule

If you are dropping or withdrawing from a course, you may only be refunded a portion of the tuition paid. Please note that the add/drop schedule is different from the refund schedule. Please review the table below to ensure full understanding of the financial repercussions of dropping/withdrawing from a course.

For noncredit and audited courses, tuition refunds are not given once classes start. For credit courses, after the first 10 instructional days, refunds will be prorated.

Undergraduate Refund Schedule
Academic UnitAcademic LevelRefund Schedule
A&SUndergraduateInstructional Days 1 - 10 = 100% refund
Instructional Days 11 - 20 = 75% refund
Instructional Days 21 - 25 = 50% refund
Instructional Days 26 - 30 = 25% refund
Instructional Days 31 - end = 0% refund