Preferred Name Instructions

UR Student

(Required for other name changes below. Please wait a day to make the other changes)

[This goes to Blackboard, class rosters, some library systems, and residential life]

  • Login to UR Student
  • Click on your picture in the upper right of UR Student
  • Click “view Profile”
  • Click “Actions”
  • Click “Change preferred name”
  • Uncheck “Use Legal Name as Preferred Name”
  • Now enter your preferred name and click “submit”

Email Change Script

[This changes how your name appears but not your NetID]

Email Address:

Use this script:


I am writing to request the following custom email alias: [first name].[last name]

I would also like this to appear as my email display name: [last name], [first name]

Thank you for your help!


[your name and student id number]

UR ID Card

If you are an LGBTQ student getting a preferred name on your UR ID, we will cover the $25 cost! Please email Col here for instructions:

Mail Center (name on your mailbox)

Once you have the UR ID Card with your preferred name, you can go to the campus mail office and request that your mailbox reflect the name as well.

Other Places

Not all systems are set to update from UR Student daily. Accordingly, you may need to update other offices that you interact with regularly. If this is the case, you can send an email to the person you interact with in these offices (or to the office email generally) letting them know that you wish their system to reflect your preferred name as it appears in UR Student. Then provide the name and your student number. We will work to compile a list of which offices are impacted over the coming months.

If you run into problems along the way, please email Col at with the following information:

  • Which system you were trying to update
  • What happened
  • Your name (as you want it to appear) and student number
  • Any emails that you have regarding the issue

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For questions or more information email Col at