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Classroom Support

Request Service

For room reservations, please visit the EMS Web App

The Event and Classroom Management (ECM) Help Desk can assist with a wide variety of services. This includes:

  • Delivering technology to a class
  • Providing Training in classroom technology
  • Answering general inquiries

Click here to be taken to our JIRA form. There, you can provide the information needed to complete your request. Such information includes:

  • Your name
    • In the "Customer" field, type your last name, followed by a comma, and your first name: the form will search our database, and you can select the most accurate entry.
  • In the "Summary" field, provide a short description for your request, ex. "Goergen 101 Reservation Request", "Lander microphone batteries are dead", "Conference Room Request", etc.
    Customer drop down
  • Fill in the details of your request in the "Description" field. For the best results, try to include as much of the following as possible:
    • Date and time of the event
    • The location of the event
    • Additional technology you may need (presentation remote, document camera, a speaker system, etc.)
    • Email and Phone number where you would like to be contacted
    • Any other relevant information
  • When you're done, click "Create", and a member of our team contact you within one business day.

Link to the form: