Technology Tips

Get the Right Room

Many rooms may already have the equipment you need permanently installed in them. If you can request a room with the equipment you need, that makes everything easier. If you are not sure which rooms have the equipment you need, please email us at and we can advise.

Request Training

We are always happy to schedule a time where we can accompany you to a classroom or event space to walk you through the equipment installed there; please request a training through our online form.

Schedule Services/Deliveries

The preferred way to schedule the delivery of additional equipment or to request the services of the Event and Classroom Management (ECM) Help Desk is to make a request using the EMS Web App. If you do not have an account with the EMS Web App, then you can also make requests by using the online form, emailing, or calling (585) 275-9014.

Reporting Problems

The ECM Help Desk is also your contact for reporting issues in Arts, Sciences, and Engineering’s (AS&E) reservable spaces. Are there issues with the technology in a classroom or event space? Is there an issue with the room itself, such as a leak, broken desk, or other damage? Please report it to us ASAP and we can work to get it resolved.

For the majority of technical issues reported to us, we are able to resolve them within the same day they are reported. You can do so by using the online form, emailing, or calling (585) 275-9014.

On-Call Support

The ECM Help Desk is staffed from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. every day of the school year (closed on University holidays). If you ever encounter an issue DURING your class, please call us at (585) 275-9014 and we will dispatch someone to your location ASAP.