Requests for Panopto Lecture Capture

A number of River Campus locations are equipped with the hardware and software for automated scheduled lecture recording. Some locations can record screen content simultaneously, called Dual Mode Recording, offering a comprehensive capture of the classroom experience. See list of Dual Mode capable locations.

Recordings can be linked to your course through Blackboard, where only students in the course will have access to view them.

Please complete the form below to request lecture recording. Requests made within less than 1 business day cannot be guaranteed. Requests will only be accepted from Instructors/Event Organizers. 

see link above for details
Please provide full course number and section OR full event name

If your room is not listed above, there may be other options available, such as recording via Zoom using a personal laptop/device. Event and Classroom Management (ECM) would be happy to assist in reviewing options based on your needs and locations. Please open a service request and someone will get back to you soon.

For more information, contact ECM at or call (585) 275-9014.