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Computing and Printing

Public Printing Support

Event and Classroom Management (ECM) acts as your first level of support for public printing in classrooms, labs, and libraries on River Campus. 

Our services include:

  • Replenishing supplies (paper, wax, toner, etc.) in all public printing areas
  • Maintaining the release stations for public printers
  • Performing basic hardware support for public printers

Color and black and white printing is available in computer labs and at kiosks across the University. Prints are charged at a per-page rate to either a URos (Flex) account or Visitor account balance.


Service Details

TutorialsHow to print wirelessly or from computer lab stations
Printing RatesHow to pay for printing as a student or visitor
LocationsA list of labs where printing is available
Printing QueuesHow the printing queues work
Frequently Asked QuestionsAnswers to common questions and issues

If you are experiencing an issue with the pay-for-print system please call the ECM help desk at 585-275-9014, or enter a ticket directly using the online service request form. After logging into Service Desk, select "RC Public Pay-For-Print Request" from the "General Action" drop-down.

All printers and multi-function devices supported by ECM are labeled accordingly to assist you in directing support to the proper location:


Please note that ECM only maintains the River Campus public pay-for-print system. For other printing support at the University of Rochester please refer to the contacts below with your inquiry.

  • Photocopier support- please follow the contact instructions on the device.
  • Public printing support at Miner Library in the Medical Center- please contact the Miner Library Computing Center helpdesk at (585) 275-6865 or email CCDesk@
  • Printing anywhere else at the Medical Center- please contact the ISD helpdesk at 585-275-3200 or email helpdesk_ISD@
  • Public printing at the Eastman School of Music- contact the Eastman School helpdesk at 585- 274-1160 or email ecshelp@
  • Non-pay-for-print devices on the River Campus- contact the University Information Technology helpdesk at 585-275-2000 or your departmental desktop support staff directly.