Public Computing

The Event and Classroom Management (ECM) Public Computing Team acts as your first level of support for public computing in classrooms, labs, libraries, and kiosk locations on River Campus. We offer Windows and Macintosh computers with a variety of software packages installed for use by the campus community.

The ECM Public Computing Team also maintains the screensavers on public computers and facilitates submissions of advertisments for campus departments and student organizations.

Service Details
Computer Lab LocationsFilter and sort computing locations by computer or printer type
Map of Computer LabsLocate computing locations on a campus map
Software (Mac)List of software available on Mac computers supported by ECM
Software (Windows)List of software available on Windows computers supported by ECM
Visitor AccessInformation about visitor access to public computers on River Campus

If you are experiencing an issue with ECM-supported computers, please call the ECM Help Desk at (585) 275-9014 or submit a ticket directly using the online service request form.

For non-ECM supported computers on River Campus, please call the University IT Help Desk at (585) 275-2000 or contact your departmental desktop support staff directly.