Graduate Housing and Dining

Graduate Housing

Information about housing at the University of Rochester can be found on the Office for Residential Life and Housing Services website.

You can choose from a wide range of living accommodations to match your budget, space needs, private or social settings, as well as your need to be close to a particular campus area. All our facilities are well maintained and attractive to people in university life. Each complex is staffed with Graduate Community Assistants (GCAs) to assist new residents, provide activities, and help foster a community atmosphere.

The University maintains three apartment complexes that serve graduate students. Each has close-by off-street parking, coin-operated laundry facilities, and University bus service. Graduate students with children will find safe playgrounds at University Park and Whipple Park. These two complexes have broad lawn areas nearby for ball playing and other activities. On the other hand, Goler House (high-rise apartment building) is closer to stores, restaurants, and public transportation and has a somewhat more urban atmosphere.

For more information on housing for incoming students, check out a brief recorded presentation on graduate student housing or contact Rebecca Orton, Assistant Director of Graduate, Family, and Off-Campus Housing at

Graduate Dining

The University offers a variety of meal plans and other electronic spending options. The details of the dining and electronic spending options, costs, requirements, and policies are described on the Dining Services website. The two options that may be most attractive to graduate students are listed below.

Declining Balance Plan

The Commuter Declining Balance Plan ($428/semester) is an all-declining plan with $362 spendable declining that can be used in all dining locations on campus. The door prices at residential dining facilities, including Danforth and Douglass are:

Meal prices for declining vs cash/URos
Declining Price (non-taxable)Cash/URos Price (tax included)


Terms and Conditions

  • This contract is binding for the entire 2023-2024 academic year
  • Purchases are non-taxable (save 8%)
  • You will have access to your declining account 08/21/23 through 05/19/24
  • Funds remaining at the close of the spring semester 05/19/24 are non-refundable and will not carry forward to summer or the next year.

URos Account

The URos account is a prepaid debit card plan that can be used to pay for a wide variety of items and services throughout the campus and selected off-campus businesses. URos is accepted in on-campus dining locations, but they are intended for use in campus areas that are not dining related and for off-campus dining. URos may be used for purchases in the Hillside Market, bookstores, the Common Market, Computer Sales and Services, as well as vending machines, copiers, printing services, and a variety of off-campus businesses. All URos sales are subject to tax where applicable.

Opening Your Account

You may purchase a declining plan and/or open a URos account by completing the Commuter Dining Agreement /Contract – Graduate Students and returning it to as an attachment using Word or PDF format.

You can make additional deposits to your declining balance and URos account at once you have opened an account.