Graduate education cost of attendance is separated into direct and indirect costs. Direct costs will be reflected on your bill from the University, and include University fees and tuition. Indirect costs are outside expenses that students will incur such as housing, food, transportation, books, and other supplies.

See the cost page for a detailed breakdown of expenses. 

Financial Aid

Merit-based awards are provided by the academic department during the admission process, while federal and private loan funding can be obtained through the Financial Aid Office.

Please see our graduate financial aid page for an overview of the financial aid process for graduate students here at Rochester. 


In addition to financial aid, graduate students may be eligible for University or external fellowships. See our fellowship page for more information.

External Work Policy

Full-time students holding fellowships, assistantships, or scholarships may not accept other full-time employment. See our external work policy for more information. 

Graduate Student Taxation Information

If you are receiving a stipend which is for academically required effort to earn your degree (your department graduate coordinator can confirm your grad appointment category) you may be responsible to estimate and pay your taxes to the IRS on a quarterly basis. Typically this is only for PhD students, but if you are master’s student who has earned a fellowship with a stipend, it will require an adherence to the same procedures.

See our tax page for more detailed information.