Cost of Attendance

Calculating the Cost of Attendance

Graduate education cost of attendance is separated into direct and indirect costs. Direct costs will be reflected on your bill from the University, and include University fees and tuition. Indirect costs are outside expenses that students will incur such as housing, food, transportation, books, and other supplies.

Please note that some of these costs are estimates and they do not take into account any fellowships, scholarships, or other funding you may receive as part of your admission.

Cost of Attendance for the 2024-25 Academic Year
AS&E graduate tuition rate$2,050 per credit hour
Mandatory health Fee$780 per year‡
Health insurance$3,612 per year‡*
AS&E graduate activity fee$20 per year
International student fee$106 per year
Books, supplies, and miscellaneous (estimate)$6,026 per year
Housing and food (estimate)$16,146 per year

*Students may waive the University health insurance plan if their health insurance plan meets University insurance criteria.

The costs of health-related fees have not yet been established for the 2024-25 academic. These figures reflect the current costs of the 2023-24 academic year.

Tuition, University, and Health Fees—Direct Costs

Below is a general layout of tuition and fees for Arts, Sciences & Engineering graduate students. For specific details on your program please visit your department website. Students should monitor their bills carefully and understand each component fully. All direct costs included on a student’s bill are eligible for our University payment plan options.


Tuition is calculated at a per credit rate. Your tuition cost each semester will depend on the number of credit hours you register for that semester. To be considered a full-time student, you will need to register each fall and spring semester for a minimum of 9 credits. Exceptions may be made when working full time on your dissertation or other culminating assessment or practicum experience. The minimum number of credit hours required to complete each program can be found in the respective program page.


  • Tuition rate for the 2024-25 academic year: $2,050 per credit hour

Payment plans are available for students.

Health Fees

The University of Rochester requires a mandatory health fee for all full-time students:

  • Mandatory health fee: $780 per year‡
  • Health insurance for full-time students: $3,612 per year‡ (if acquired through the University of Rochester)

All University of Rochester students must show evidence of adequate health insurance coverage. If you do not already have such coverage, you can take advantage of student health plans available through the University. Contact University Health Services regarding waiving the insurance or for any other health fee questions.

‡The costs of health-related fees have not yet been established for the 2024-25 academic. These figures reflect the current costs of the 2023-24 academic year.

University Fees

Other University fees include:

  • Activity fee for full-time graduate students: $20 per year
  • International student fee: $106 per year
Additional Costs—Indirect Costs

If you need to use an estimate for education costs beyond tuition and fees for immigration or loan purposes, below is the official estimate provided by the University of Rochester. You can also visit the International Student Office website for more details regarding I-20s and other financial information.

Living Expenses

Housing and food estimate: $16,146 per year

The cost of living in Rochester is much less than that of other major cities across the northeast. In addition to the housing that is available through the University there are many housing options located adjacent to the University, which can result in significant savings.

The estimated cost of housing and food is based on average annual food and rent costs for both on and off campus housing. These expenses are variable depending on what accommodations students choose to live in. While there are University housing options available for graduate students, most choose to live in off-campus housing. Costs may fluctuate depending on where you choose to live and how many other people you are living with.

To learn more about how housing can impact your costs and aid eligibility, we encourage you to visit the Office for Residential Life and Housing Services. You are also encouraged to contact your financial aid counselor with any questions.

Books, Supplies, and Miscellaneous

Estimate: $6,026 per year

This is an average across all programs in the University of Rochester, but the additional costs for books and supplies for students should be minimal, and you will have free access to a computer lab where you can also print. Despite the computer access the lab provides, a personal computer is strongly recommended.


If you are receiving a stipend, you may be responsible to estimate and pay your taxes to the IRS on a quarterly basis. Typically, this is only for PhD students, but if you are master’s student who has earned a fellowship with a stipend, it will require an adherence to the same procedures. For more information on how graduate students calculate their taxes please visit our graduate tax page.