Degree Programs

The University of Rochester offers more than 30 programs that lead to advanced degrees and certificates in a broad range of disciplines in Arts, Sciences and Engineering. More than 1,000 students are enrolled in our PhD and master's programs, through which our outstanding faculty provide training in research and for professional advancement.

Use the links below to learn more about advanced degrees offered by departments and programs in Arts, Sciences and Engineering. See the University of Rochester academic programs page for a complete list of graduate degrees offered by the University.


Biology (MS, PhD)

Biomedical Engineering (MS, PhD)

Brain and Cognitive Sciences (PhD)

Chemical Engineering (MS, PhD)

Chemistry (PhD)

Computational Linguistics (MS)

Computer Science (MS, PhD)

Data Science (MS)

Economics (PhD)

Electrical Engineering (MS, PhD)

English (MA, PhD)

English: Selznick Film Preservation (MA)

Geosciences (MS, PhD)

History (MA, PhD)

Language Documentation and Description (MA)

Linguistics (MA, MS, PhD)

Linguistics (PhD)
Linguistics (MA)
Language Documentation and Description (MA)
Computational Linguistics (MS)

Literary Translation (MA)

Materials Science (MS, PhD)

Mathematics (PhD)

Mechanical Engineering (MS, PhD)

Optics (MS, PhD)

Philosophy (MA, PhD)

Physics and astronomy (PhD)

Political Science (PhD)


Clinical Psychology (PhD)
Developmental Psychology (PhD)
Social-Personality Psychology (PhD)

Technical entrepreneurship and management (MS)

Visual and cultural studies (PhD)